Thermoplates® Chafing Port

The kitchen on the table

The Thermoplates® chafing port puts the kitchen onto the table. Whether in the hotel or catering business, or in the CARE sector, now you can offer your guests a special hot or cold culinary experience right at the table. Because hot foods stay hot and cold foods keep cold in the Thermoplates® chafing port, even for longer periods of time. In contrast to a bain-marie or chafing dish with fuel paste, the thermoplates chafing port doesn't require you to think about safe handling, so that food-service risks are avoided even in stressful situations.

Now the kitchen comes to the table.

Kitchen comes to the table. Chafing Port

Chafing Port

The advantages at a glance:

  • Cooking and serving directly in Thermoplates® multi-layer crockery with high thermal conductivity: Saves energy, reduces cleaning efforts, noticeably improves the quality of the foods.
  • Compatible to Gastronorm format 2/3 and to all energy sources.
  • Without water: better at holding foods with safe insertable elements.
  • Cools foods with insertable elements.
  • Appealing design: base dome lid made of high-quality stainless steel.

In order to transfer the energy stored in the insertable elements of the chafing port to the hot or cold meals in the best way possible, and thus be able to offer your guests the best culinary experience possible, the Rieber Thermoplates® are used for keeping foods warm and also for cooling.

Chafing Ports Hot or Cold

Thermoplates® Chafing Port

  • Dome lid GN 2/3, CNS – Order no. 84 01 10 02
  • Heating pellet GN 1/9, CNS – Order no. 85 02 20 51
  • Cooling pellet GN 1/2, black plastic – Order no. 85 02 20 71
  • Thermoplates® chafing port (mirror finish) – Order no. 84 01 11 07
  • Votive candle insert for Thermoplate® chafing port – Order no. 84 01 11 08

Perfectly serving hot and cold.

For more detailed information Chafing Port .pdf (please be patient, this may take 5 minutes or longer)

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