Waterless Bain Marie- (hot & cold)
for Catering Carts Servocuccina® and for Catering Ports

With the revolutionary patented Thermoplates®

If you are contemplating to re-equip the catering, banquet, room service, you will be interested to evaluate the professional equipment of Rieber Germany deliverable from Florida.

Based on the world patented multiply (sandwiched metals)-Stainless Steel - Aluminum - Stainless Steel Thermoplates® of Rieber Germany, we are now able to offer the complete banquet/catering concept for the professional Chefs.

The Thermoplates® is a rectangular GN pan in various depths and thickness confirming to GN (Gastronomical Norms) sizes. It can be used on all energy sources. Due to its high thermal conductivity it retains the hot/cold longer and evenly and the consequences are:

Superior cooking, preservation hot/cold according to HACCP standards and energy conservation is achieved. The food noticeably improves in quality, the electrical bill is significantly lowered and it reduces cleaning efforts due to its Teflon coating. Finally, you can keep your food warm/cold at the right temperature, without water and without constant stirring, the serving without waterBain Marie is achieved.

Most important, serving directly from the oven or refrigeration to the table in the same pan is possible. For the first time, it is possible to use the Thermoplates® easily in all other steps of the process chain – storage, preparation, cooking and transportation – without having to refill the food between the individual steps.

Due to the unique properties of the Thermoplates® remote "on the premises" cooking "on wheels with our Servocuccina® is possible! Either in a room, at the pool, garden, etc….Furthermore, some of our mobile Catering Carts have a built in suction system, allowing indoor odorless cooking!

Twenty first century European design in stainless steel along with Made in German quality and engineering will change your concepts of both cooking and serving for ever.

For the last 20 years it is our pride to successfully serve the hotel and restaurant industry and it would be a great pleasure to serve you too.

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