The mobile kitchen for anytime, anywhere service

Rieber's Varithek Servocuccina® now sets a new standard for mobile service in the catering, hotel, and gastronomy fields, but also in the CARE and school meal sectors.

The Servocuccina® combines its light weight with a high degree of flexibility in contrast to the previous focus on a high level of stability combined with a high level of safety. Therefore, Servocuccina® has set redefined mobility in food service. In line with the motto "anytime, anywhere service," the mobile kitchen units can be brought to where they are needed quickly and easily – be it in a restaurant, in the meeting room, in the lobby, in hotel rooms, school rooms, or outside on the patio. The Servocuccina® now allows you to treat your guests to hot and cold food and drinks anywhere. This extra service advantage will quickly make itself felt in additional turnover and a high level of customer satisfaction. Of course, you can also quickly connect the individual cooking stations to each other and use them as a closed buffet that can be adjusted ideally to the space available. Whatever the occasion, the Servocuccina® provides you and your guests with a special hot and cold experience whilst also satisfying the HACCP requirements.


To keep the energy consumption of the mobile kitchen stations as low as possible and to offer your guests the best culinary experience, the Rieber Thermoplates® are used in the Servocuccina® both for cooking and also cooling. When cooking, the Thermoplates® can be used on any of the energy sources - also on inductive units and in the combi-steamer.

Thanks to their Gastronorm dimensions, the Thermoplates® can also be used easily in all other steps of the process chain - for storage, preparation, and of course for transportation in the Rieber thermoport - without you having to refill the food between the individual steps.

In contrast to conventional Gastronorm containers made of stainless steel, the Thermoplates® are manufactured in patented multi-ply material (SWISS-PLY Technology) and therefore conduct heat up to ten times more effectively - an advantage that your guests will appreciate in the better tasting food and which you will benefit from thanks to the lower energy costs.

Air System

Varithek servoacs, the flexible cooking station with an integrated suction system.
The varithek air clean system (acs) from Rieber is already used successfully across the world by renowned caterers and in 5-star hotels for front cooking. The integrated air clean circulating air technology ensures effective extraction of grease and odors right where they are created allowing your guests to enjoy uncompromising service even in closed rooms. In contrast to standard extraction systems, the varithek acs, a circulating air suction system, also offers a high level of spatial flexibility.

The servoacs now allows you to be even more mobile without having to do without the proven benefits: All the cooking modules from the Rieber varithek EST program can be inserted into the integrated system of the servoacs. Depending on your needs, your servoacs can be converted into a mobile cooking, grilling, and holding station that you can use to provide your guests with a perfect service without any unpleasant odors.

Varithek servocoolstation.
Cool antipasti, salads, and desserts? The right solution for keeping and serving cold food at the correct HACCP temperature is often a problem especially in the catering field. This all changes with the servocoolstation: The active compressor cooling system guarantees that the permitted temperature range is not exceeded, even during longer serving periods, and that you can ensure your guests can enjoy perfect fresh food.


Similar to when cooking on the servoacs, you also profit here by using the Thermoplates® with the servocoolstation. Pre-cooled food can be securely transported to where it is needed using the Thermoplates® and thermoport. Depending on needs, the Thermoplates® can be placed in the servocoolstation for refilling. The cold generated in the servocoolstation is passed directly on to the food with a high level of energy efficiency.
Oh, and of course, the servocoolstation is perfectly mobile.


The standard version of the Servocuccina® cooking stations is equipped with silver-colored bumpers and connection elements to which paneling elements can be easily attached; also, connectors can be used to connect the trolleys securely to each other to make up a closed buffet. The 3-sided paneling, which is currently available in stainless steel or alternatively in silver and black, can be retrofitted.

All standard trolleys can be fitted with extra features that are either neutral or that include light or heat functions. Rieber also supplies an extra matching central island for the servocoolstation. The Servocuccina® light is a simplified version of the trolley that can only be used without paneling as is it not possible to attach connection elements. The trolleys from this series are fitted with black corner bumpers.

For Servocuccina® options and customization features: options.pdf

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