With our world patented nine milti-ply (stainless-aluminum) Gastronomical Norm size containers named Thermoplates® the efficiency of cooking, preservation and serving of foods hot and cold are increased ten fold.

The key to the outstanding thermal properties of the Thermoplates® lies in the material: contrary to the conventional Gastronorm containers made of poorly conducting stainless steel, the Thermoplates® consist of multi-layer material. The core is a continuous aluminum layer with a thermal conductivity that is 10 times higher. The multi-layer material with built-in temperature boost. Thanks to this, the energy input is distributed quickly and evenly and spreads to your foods optimally, even without constant stirring.

Multi-layer material with built in temperature boost.

In order for the Thermoplates® to keep their form and function within the relevant temperature range of 4°C to 250°C, the material is created in an elaborate thermic process. The layers bonded in this way are them deep-drawn into Gastronorm formats. So there is a true high-tech in the Thermoplates®, ensuring that your processes become as simple as possible, and that you save a fortune on operating costs as well.

Thanks to their Gastronorm dimensions, the Thermoplates® can also be used easily in all steps of the process chain - for storage, preparation and of course for transportation in the Rieber thermoport - without you having to refill the food between the individual steps.

With the Thermoplates®, you can clearly reduce your operating costs while noticeably improving the quality of your foods, whether warm or cold.

Profit twofold from the high energy efficiency:

  • No more transferring. With the Thermoplates®, one container can now handle anything: storage, preparation, making, distribution, and serving - right up to the buffet, straight to the table or mobile up to the guest - with everything consistently compatible to the Gastronorm system. This clearly allows you to save on energy, time, and cleaning efforts.
  • No more big energy loss. The Thermoplates® encase your foods like a second skin and direct the cooking and cooling energy straight to the foods with a 10 times higher thermal conductivity. An advantage that pays off quickly for you.

Don't let operating costs eat you up. Simply turn the tables: rely on simple, safe, and highly energy-efficient processes with Rieber's Thermoplates®.

The thermoport and Thermoplates® are reinforced most notably by four further product families from our extensive product range that facilitates the buffering of cold foods, the on-site production and regeneration, the distribution and serving and finally, the documentation of the temperature chain. As pieces of a system, all these building blocks cooperate perfectly for you in the sense of a perfect complete solution.

The Thermoplates® allows offering for the first time ever of the followings:

1. Thermoplates® the "heart" of our Mobile stations named - SERVOCUCCINA® the mobile kitchen for anytime, anywhere service. Complete mobile catering, professional, high design systems including on the premises full cooking, warming/cooling and serving, NO MORE  "Bain Marie " - instead  with our "Mobile SERVO MARIE" waterless cooling/heating - either active or passive; including - virtually odorless and smokeless (no hood necessary ) cooking  with suction, carbon and grease filter for active units for in-house &outside facilities, are available.
2.Thermoplates® stand alone usage. Use Thermoplates®oven or surface cooking, roasting, grilling, steaming, etc…. faster, more cost efficient and definitely better tasting food.
For more choices and sizes: choices.pdf
3. Thermoplates® in chafing and direct oven to table serving. Counter/table chafing ports with SERVO MARIE waterless cooling and heating sized to accept Thermoplates®.
chafing port and chafing dish
4. Thermoplates® food transportation. Food transportation in specialized Gastronomical Norm portable container, Rieber thermoport. Directly from the oven to the table or to the mobile unit.

With the Thermoplates®, you are ensuring a continuous chain and the highest energy efficiency possible. The energy put into cooling or cooking is not lost in transfer. Moreover, you need notably less energy to bring your foods to the desired temperatures

The Rieber varithek foodflow solution, no wasting energy producing,regenerating, distributing, dispensing, serving or presenting.

On-site, of course, you can enjoy every freedom: as a kitchen in front of the guest, as a kitchen on the table, or even as a mobile kitchen directly to the guest - the varithek foodflow solution by Rieber always provides easy, safe, and energy-efficient processes in the areas of catering and buffets.

Our service: the right solution for you.

It doesn't matter if you only occasionally conduct catering and buffets or you belong to the large, market-leading catering establishments, with our advisors' long years of experience and competence in finding the right solution, a mutual discussion will surely help us find the right solution for you, too.

Your individual varithek foodflow solution. Easy. Effective. Expandable.

We are already thinking of your requirements in the future now, so that you can gradually expand your solutions at any time, if necessary. From 1 up to 1000 meals – with our varithek foodflow solutions you are always investing in flexibility, modularity and easy, safe and above all, highly energy-efficient processes, and thus securing your future among the competition.

We at Rieber regard ourselves as a partner and service provider for your economic success in the areas of catering and buffet. Sustainability, for today and tomorrow.

For more detailed informationThermoplates.pdf (please be patient, this may take 5 minutes or longer)

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