Safely transporting cold items.

The safe and healthy transportation of cold foods poses a particular challenge for every caterer. Whoever wanted to safely transport salads, cold meals, or desserts in accordance with the HACCP-temperature ranges had to resort to cooling pellets or refrigeration units – up to now.


The cold transport box.

No cooling pellet.

And certainly no refrigeration unit.

It's a different story with Thermoplates®:
Not only is the desired temperature attained much faster and with notably less energy during pre-cooling, but transportation in the thermoport keeps the coldness exactly where it belongs: in direct contact with the food. So don't let your expensive energy simply vanish into thin air.

All of Rieber's kitchen components consistently coordinate with the Gastronorm system. With that said, the Thermoplates® and the Thermoport® ride the cool chain from the polar coolstation directly to the serving station – no transferring, no detours.

Would you like to keep your foods and beverages cold for a particularly long time?
No problem: simply fill your thermoport with crushed ice and the Thermoplates® instantly become the perfect cold cloak for your foods. Even without a plug.


You can, of course, also profit from the high energy efficiency of the Thermoplates® in classic cold serving stations. Compared with Gastronorm containers, you thus save a lot of energy.

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